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Re: OT: SQL + PostgreSQL

Are you doing propietary software?  If not why don you try nola from http://nola.noguska.com.
It's php an mysql.  But it is realy based on ADODB so postgres works "out of the box" exept for the sql scripts which have to be modified.

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 05:38:31PM -0800, bob parker wrote:
> I am about to start development of an accounting
> system using PostgerSQL on Debian. It will reside on a
> server machine running Apache + PHP and the users will
> access the system via web browsers.
> I will need some support for the SQL and PHP.
> Would someone kindly suggest suitable lists where I
> should subscribe.
> Thanks 
> Bob Parker

Oscar Andres Riveros M.
Gerente General
Nimonic LTDA
Bogota, Colombia

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