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Help! I have destroyed my /etc/init.d/lpd


I have made a big mistake: I just wanted a module to be loaded at the
system-start. Since I didn't know how to do this the proper way, I 
decided to run modprobe on startup.
To do this, I edited the /etc/init.d/lpd (to have a point to start from)
and edited it to fit my nedds. But then I made the fatal error: instead
of saving it to a new filename, I only saved it normal!

Is there a easy way to regain the file? Or does it help if I get a copy
from another (i386 potato 2.2.19pre9) machine? If so, can somebody post
it or send it to me (a.maresch@aon.at)?

And the other question: How can I start a module on starup?
Adding it to /etc/modutils/ doesn't work.

Thanx in advance

Andras Maresch

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