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Potato 2.2r2 - installation

I've installed Debian about 20 times starting with Slink,
and apart from the first time when I didn't understand
fdisk had no problems the solution to which were not
obvious. Now, having constructed an extra box to at last
try to learn some programming, I find a problem which I've
not been able to overcome so far.

I'm using the same CDs used on four previous occasions
and get an error message "there was a problem installing
the Drivers from '/instmnt/dists/potato/main/disks-i386
/current/drivers.tgz'". Base2_2.tgz installed from the 
same 'current' directory as part of the same operation.
If I change my Bios and boot directly from the Official
CDs or use 'rescue.bin' and 'root.bin' floppies, the
error message is identical.

Mostly the box contains similar units to my others, 
- two eide hard disks, a basic CD-Rom atapi drive, a 
floppy and an SB soundcard. Apart from an AMD 900MHz CPU
(somewhat faster than my others, with the FSB set to 100)
the only thing really different is the AGP Graphics card 
- an Elsa Victory 11 (Voodoo Banshee).I've always had PCI 
Graphics cards before, but it seems AGP is provided for 
in the kernel. 'drivers.tgz' seems unreadable so I can't
look there.

Can anyone please offer advice.

Regards, John.  


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