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Re: Samba

At 10:27 PM 10/24/01 -0500, Michael Grover wrote:
>Hi all.
>Ok, I added my second drive(thanks all for the help), I have it added to
>my fstab file.
>I have a share setup in my smb.conf file sharing it.
>I setup a group that has read and write permission to that drive.
>My problem is that I want all to be able to create and read and modify
>files in this 
>shared directory.

what we do is:

#usermod -g share1 john

where share1 is my share group and john is my userid

that way I'm writing files as my group

u'd want to do it for all your users if you wan tthme to read and write all the same files.

others might have a better way

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