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Re: LILO : 2 linuses on 2 different partitions

> Hi,
> I would like to be able to boot from lilo 2 different linuxes (debian
> and Connectiva) each of which is installed in a different partition
> and uses a 2.4.x kernel.
> For the moment with the following configuration I have been sort of
> unsuccesful (It searches the modules in the wrong place)
> boot=/dev/hda
> map=/boot/map
> install=/boot/boot.b
> prompt
> timeout=50
> lba32
> message=/boot/message
> image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.5-9cl
>         label=linux
>         root=/dev/hda1
>         read-only
> image=/boot/memtest86
>         label=memtest
> image=/boot/vmlinuz
>         label=debian
>         root=/dev/hda3
>         read-only
> the /boot/vmlinuz for debian should be on /dev/hda3
> Any ideas on how to solve this?
> Michel.
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I've solved th esimilar situation..
I have one lilo installed in MBR and there is :
   label- Debian(Potato)


and second lilo is in bootsector of partition hda1:

image=/boot/kernel-2.4.x (i don't remember ;-))

and some details:
in teh second lilo i haven't promt and delay, so it immediately
bots the default kernel and mounts default root

maybe it helps you...


I am Martin Kacerovsky, student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics 
at the Charles University in Prague, in the Czech Republic, in Europe, 
on Earth, in the Universe where Linux operating system rules...

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