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Re: problems installing 2.4 kernel

Charles Baker wrote:
What are the dividing lines between 586 - 686 etc? I
obviously know that a 386 and 486 are just that, but
what about the Pentiums, PIIs, PIIIs etc? Thanks.

Here is what configure.help in kernel-source-2.4.9 package says:

   - "386" for the AMD/Cyrix/Intel 386DX/DXL/SL/SLC/SX, Cyrix/TI
     486DLC/DLC2, UMC 486SX-S and NexGen Nx586. Only "386" kernels will
     run on a 386 class machine.
   - "486" for the AMD/Cyrix/IBM/Intel 486DX/DX2/DX4 or
     SL/SLC/SLC2/SLC3/SX/SX2 and UMC U5D or U5S.
   - "586" for generic Pentium CPUs, possibly lacking the TSC
     (time stamp counter) register.
   - "Pentium-Classic" for the Intel Pentium.
   - "Pentium-MMX" for the Intel Pentium MMX.
   - "Pentium-Pro" for the Intel Pentium Pro/Celeron/Pentium II.
   - "Pentium-III" for the Intel Pentium III
     and Celerons based on the coppermine core.
   - "Pentium-4" for the Intel Pentium 4.
   - "K6" for the AMD K6, K6-II and K6-III (aka K6-3D).
   - "Athlon" for the AMD K7 family (Athlon/Duron/Thunderbird).
   - "Crusoe" for the Transmeta Crusoe series.
   - "Winchip-C6" for original IDT Winchip.
   - "Winchip-2" for IDT Winchip 2.
   - "Winchip-2A" for IDT Winchips with 3dNow! capabilities.
   - "CyrixIII" for VIA Cyrix III or VIA C3.

--- Jerome Acks Jr <jracksjr@bellatlantic.net> wrote:

irvine@vuosaari.hai.fi wrote:

Hello all

I recently installed debian potato 2.2
and quickly discovered that I would need
to install a 2.4 kernel so that I could get the computers network card working.


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