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Re: lpr doesn't work under woody


On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Vittorio wrote:

> While under potato I didn't have any difficulty to make my Epson
> StylusColor 640 work using lpr and magicfilter, after installing woody
> from scratch I cannot print any longer.
> I'm using -as usual - lpr & magicfilter. I've installed the right
> filter using magicfilterconfig. To no avail!
> When I try for instance a "lpr /etc/motd" nothing happens.
> I've checked the connection with my printer issuing:
> echo /etc/motd > /dev/lp
> and the file is printed regularly.
> What should I check now to make the printer work? 
Check /etc/printcap and try to figure out more with lpc (like 'lpc status
all') if the file arrives at the spool dir.


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