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Re: utility to display syslog on tty8?

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Pontus Edvardsson wrote:

> Hi,
> short question, I read your post regarding syslog.conf, and would find it
> very useful, but, how do I switch to tty8? I can only switch between 1-6.

Essentially, you can't switch to a virtual terminal that hasn't been
activated. Sending data to the VT will activate it, and you'll be able
to switch to that VT. (1-6 are activated at boot as set in

See also man pages for chvt(1) and openvt(1).

I do much the same thing with my logs, but I filter them through a script
that adds ANSI color to the output, which adds value both aesthetic
(it looks cool) and practical (easy to spot unusual occurances). I use
the colorize script; there are others.

- Aaron

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