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Building updated binary cd's

Howdy folks,

Firstly, some background: I managed to build up quite a collection of
downloaded debs in my /var/cache/apt/archives/, so I decided to begin doing
something more organised with them.  apt-move did the job, and now I have
quite a nice little partial mirror of testing. 

Now, for the actual question: I've managed to convert a few of my
Linux-using friends to Debian, sharing around my trusty three-cd potato set.
Of course, these people now want current software, like a modern Mozilla or
KDE2.2.1, etc, which I handily have on my hard disk in my apt-move mirror.
Oops, now to the actual question: is there any easy way to convert this
mirror into a set of cd's with the following properties:
a)apt-cdrom-able, so that these people can install from them using dselect,
or apt or whatever
b)contain as much of testing as I have, with no broken dependencies
c)able to have a few packages from unstable slipped in (while satisfying the
previous two aims), probably GNOME 1.4, mozilla 0.9.latest and KDE2.1.1?
d)do not require internet access at all.

Basically, I a way to (or group) take a whole pile of debs, my apt cache,
and a few extra, newer versions debs, will go and build a set of directory
trees of about the size of a CDR, each of which contains a whole pile of
debs in the directory format that apt-cdrom likes.

I chould be able to take these cd's, pop them in my friends computer, do an
apt-cdrom add (whatever it is), then a dselect update, and Bob's-your-uncle,
dselect will upgrade the computer to testing (using the packages off the cds

I think I could just take my Packages.gz files and merge them on their
systems, then dump all the debs in their /var/cache/apt/archives/ dir, but
I'm looking for something neater.

I suspect that I could do this with perl, just recursively following
packages' depenencies, making sure that each is included, but I have exams
in a couple of weeks, so it would be handier to find something
off-the-shelf.  If there's nothing about, then I'll see what I can do in the
holidays, and post back here with whatever I come up with.

I did look at debian-cd, but it seems to be for building entire cd sets from
complete mirrors. 

This doesn't seem to be something that is that uncommon, so perhaps I'm
missing some obvious solutions here.

(Sorry for the high babble-factor of this post, but it's 4am...)



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