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Re: X sessions die when using KDM

Jason Majors said:
> When I use KDM to start X, after logging in it goes right back to
> the kdm login screen.
> I can login from the console and run X with startx without a
> problem though. Here are the lines from applicable logs:

i have the same problem. tried both kdm and xdm.

the only workaround i know of is to use kdm, and login
using failsafe mode. then load your windowmanager from the
xterm it spawns.

nobody replied to my email so its apparently a hard to find
bug or something. at least 1 or 2 others have the same problem
on the list.

it's not a problem in kdm, i have the same version of kdm
on 2 other machines and both are working fine(all 3 are
woody). i have an ALMOST updated woody system at work(upgraded
a little over a week ago), so whatever changed was since then
as that machine works fine too.

my bet currently is on libc6. looks like its the one major
package that has changed since my 2 installations.

installation that works is running 2.2.4-1 and the system
that doesn't work is running 2.2.4-3.

so im gonna try to downgrade to 2.2.4-1 and see if that
solves it.


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