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Re: i810 on asus

hi tomas

easiest way to get X11 working on the asus mboard
with onboard svga ( i assume )

	( go to the original intel site for the files too )

	get the agp driver

	get the X server


if all that works... it should be about 5 min to get X11 working...
	- than you might also have to install gnome/kde if you like those
	window managers

c ya

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, tomas kral wrote:

> Hello,
> I have i810 chipset on an asus m-board.
> After having read almost all available read about i810 vs XF86_SVGA, I am stuck not able to get past the following..
> XFree86 Version 3.3.6 / X Window System
> ..
> (--) SVGA: PCI: Intel Unknown chipset (0x7121) rev 3, Memory @ 0xe4000000, 0xe3800000
> (--) SVGA: error doing ioctl(GARTIOCINFO): Invalid argument
> Fatal server error:
> Aborting
> while agpgart.o module gets loaded while it says..
> Oct 18 16:41:46 debie kernel: Linux agpgart interface v0.99 (c) Jeff Hartmann
> Oct 18 16:41:46 debie kernel: agpgart: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: 202M
> Oct 18 16:41:46 debie kernel: agpgart: Detected an Intel i810 Chipset.
> Oct 18 16:41:46 debie kernel: agpgart: AGP aperture is 64M @ 0xe4000000
> I am on 2.2.19pre17 as packaged in potato dist.
> Your help is greatly appreciated.
> t.kral@perfect-system.cz
> www.perfect-system.cz

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