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Re: linuxworld: shutting down application when window closes

> The DA's Office Goes Digital
> At the Queens County District Attorney's Office, keeping track of all the
> documents associated with the 50,000 criminal cases it processes each year
> is a family affair. There, necessity is the mother of invention, funding
> the father, and the prodigal child turns out to be a penguin.
> "One of the very few technical problems that arose with the Linux OS and
> custom interface stemmed from Linux's tendency to leave an application
> running even when the application's window is closed. In Windows, closing
> the window usually shuts down the application," said a much-enlightened
> Kevin Hansen, ImageWork's president. Until ImageWork discovered and fixed
> this quirk, users inadvertently launched multiple copies of the Linux
> database and experienced some odd results. "

I'd guess this is not a Linux problem, but the programmers not using the GUI
toolkit correctly (as Linux does not have a GUI, it's a kernel).

I know this happpens in Java using AWT or Swing - in the basic GUI Hello
World program you can make a window appear.  Pressing the close button
closes the window but the program continues running, as the programmer did
not catch the window closing event and quit the application.  Code has to be
written so that the programmer can close connections and open files, write
data to disk, etc, before the application closes.

Ross Burton

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