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Re: OT (Re: Software DVD players)

> > OK for people with the spare cash for a DVD player and
> > 29" TV, how about you shell out for one for all of the rest
> > of us?
> A DVD player and 29" TV can probably be had for less money
> than many people spend on 'upgrades' of their computers every
> year !!

It's a specious argument. As you said, a DVD player and a 29" TV can
be had for in the neighborhood of $500. Sure, maybe I spend that much
on my computer every year, but I sure don't spend that much on my
computer's movie-playing capabilities. I spend that money on features
that are useful in other areas, e.g. more memory or disk space.

Also, some of us college students would have a little trouble fitting
a 29" TV and DVD player into our rooms.

Finally, a decent software DVD player can play back DVDs at high
resolution, if the disc is encoded for it. TVs that display at the
same resolution cost into the thousands.

Geoffrey M. Romer
"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right"
                                                          -Salvor Hardin
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                                                          -Fred Astaire

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