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Re: Mixed up RAID-0 arrayt

*Is* a drive actually missing? Can fdisk see partition tables on all
your stripes? If you really lost one of your stripes, then by the laws
of RAID 0 you just lost your whole set. I only use RAID 0 on expendable

BTW, it's been my experience that if there are persistent superblocks
present, /etc/raidtab changes won't have any effect.

Failure wrote:
> Well, I wasn't as careful as I should have been (read: no backups of old config
> files for reference) out of habit, and it's finally got me into big trouble.
> I have a four disk RAID-0 array holding a couple years worth of /home and also
> backups of /var and /mp3 (which are both gone from elsewhere).
> I've tried a few things like rearranging /etc/raidtab to the way I think it may
> be since the drive numbers have changed, and running raidstart /dev/md/0, but
> it tells me the drives are out of order and a drive is missing.  The array
> is set up with persistent superblocks so before I screwed it up it was
> autodetected at startup.  The box is running 2.4.7 with an unstable build of
> raidtools2 (I think) from source a few months back.
> I obviously don't fully understand what I'm doing, can somebody help me out
> with getting the array back in order?  I haven't touched the drives themselves,
> and they were properly unmounted before I mixed them up, so everything else
> should be fine.
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