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Re: Mozilla folder mapping in IMAP

On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 21:00, hanasaki wrote:
> I am using Mozilla to access an IMAP server.  For some reason, there is 
> no way to make a folder under the server, only under the INBOX.  Some 
> have said that this is a long standing bug in the IMAP client protocol 
> as implemeted in NS/Mozilla.  Any input would be appreciated.

What IMAP server are you using?  If Courier-IMAP, then that is how it is
supposed to work - personal folders are under INBOX, and shared folders
are at the same level as INBOX.

If you're using UoW IMAP, then you should not be able to create
subfolders of INBOX.  I'm not sure about Cyrus.

Ross Burton

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