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Re: concerning ext3fs

* Marc Becher (marcbecher@gmx.net) [011008 12:00]:
> hello,
> don't know whether this has been mentioned already.
> In /etc/updatedb.conf debian sets per default PRUNEFS=" ... auto ... ".
> But the docs for ext3fs-patch recommend using auto instead of ext3 in
> /etc/fstab, which is a reasonable default I think.
> It took me some time to notice that cron had an easy job on updatedb.
> Just for the case somebody didn't notice already.
> -- marc

Thanks for the hint; I hadn't yet noticed mine. Perhaps a better
solution is to specify "ext3,ext2" in /etc/fstab instead of auto? I just
switched mine and it seems to work (though I haven't tried to see if it
comes up properly at boot with mount -a).

good times,

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