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Re: Getting gnome file manager to use acroread instead of xpdf

On Sun, 2001-10-07 at 21:37, Dave Carrigan wrote:
> I am having a bear of a time getting the file manager to launch acroread
> instead of xpdf when I double click on a .pdf file. It insists on
> running xpdf. I went to the Control Center->File Types and selected the
> application/pdf mime type. The default action is set to "Open with
> Application" and I made sure that I had Adobe Acrobat Reader selected
> from the popug menu. However, that didn't work; the file manager still
> launched xpdf.
> I tried editing the list and unchecking all applications except for
> acroread. No joy. I tried adding a "My Acroread" application to the
> list, with no luck.
> In desperation, I did apt-get --purge remove xpdf. Now, the control
> center doesn't even list xpdf in the application popup menu. However,
> when I double click 

Excuse the partial message... new mail client :-(

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