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RE: Instalation on a laptop advise...

> Hi there! I have a lapotp I want to install debian in, it has a nic that
> needs a modifyed version of tulip.... To be able to use it I need to copy
> the modifyed version and recompile the kernel to recompile the module...
> The instalation cd I have for debian doesn't have any packages, It get's
> them from the net... Is there a way to interupt the instalation and add
> the file and recompile and then install the packages? Or do I have to
> download the full cds from debian?
> Thanks!

No you dont.  Durring the instalation process it should ask you which
packages(acctualy tasts which are sets of packages) you want to install.  If
you tell it none then you can go back after you recompile the kernel and use
apt-get to install any packages you want.  Acctually the How-to for
switching from be-os to debian.  I cant seem to find it right now, but i
know a message was posted to one of the debian lists.  Sorry i couldnt help

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