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exim config for site

I now have several computers on a network and I would like for all of
them to act smartly together on a network. I have a parisc box acting as
the main email server to send and recieve email, it works properly
rewriting the hostname and everything. The part that doesn't work is
setting up all the client machines as satilite (sp?) systems to send
email thru the main server... 

What I was hopeing for is for someone to send me they're exim.conf files
so that I can examine then and figure this out... currently when I send
email from the satilite systems I get an immediate error back w/ a 550

I think it's because the main server has this in the config: 
relay_domains = monkeys-boning.apt
relay_domains_include_local_mx = true
host_accept_relay = : ::::1

I'm unsure of what the host_accept_relay should be set too... 

any help would be apperciated.


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