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Re: list etiquette

(sending to alex, too, cause I guess he's not subscribed here ATM)

On Tue, 02 Oct 2001 22:48:27 BST, P Kirk writes:
>>And for unsubscribing here:
>>- I'm only one person, if you have problems with me, say so, I'll just 
>> do the equivalent of killfiling you.
>>- if you use debian, it's probably a quite good idea to participate here
>>- as for unpleasant: that's just life, I'm afraid.

>The joy of the Internet is that you say what you want how you want.
>This poor lamb was a little sensitive.  Given the quality of support the
>list offers, I think he over-reacted. Personal flaming is never
>acceptable outside of Usenet.  But being tactful isn't compulsory either

IMHO usenet is the worst possible choice for flames, bad'er than 
 mail(-ing-lists), even.

Usually I take flames where they belong: on a personal basis. But here 
 I guessed that my comments were of interest for the rest of the list, 
 too. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I may not've been too tactful, yes.

Any comments on the topic of forging addresses[0]?

0: No, this isn't personal, either, just an attempt to get back 

-- Basically, no matter what you compare spammers
-- to, that object will be insulted.
-- -- Chris Pickett, asr

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