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Re: Debugger for C programming?

begin: Daniel Toffetti <dtoffe@softhome.net> quote
> > Is there a good debugger for C programming.  You know, the kind of
> > thing that lets you step through a line at a time running your
> > program and put watches on variables etc.
> >
> > Now I know that Linux rules for C programming, so what do all you
> > programmers use to debug your code?
> >
> > Thanks.
> > Mark.
> I want to add another questions on this topic, does gdb supports 
> debugging a running daemon? And what if the daemon loads a dinamic 
> library? Newbie questions, of course, so please details are welcomed.
yes, in fact, you can debug a running process using gdb.

i wrote a gdb tutorial which talks about this very topic


the tutorial is lynx friendly.


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