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Re: SSSCA (was Re: OT or relevent?)

>>>>> "Johnny" == Johnny Ernst Nielsen <j.e.nielsen@iname.com> writes:

    Johnny> Would this act have any impact on non US citisens and our
    Johnny> use of free software?

Very likely.  For one thing, Karsten's quite correct about the "find a
strong point and normalize toward it" tactic.

And, as I already said in a post to nettime (hasn't appeared on the
list, hope it'll be approved): many (if not all) new SSSCA-compliant
devices probably will contain those "features" even in Europe (if it's
built-in into a standard chipset, there's not other way).

But of course they will be disabled... at first.

Like IBM said they'd do with the CPRM "features" in the
harddisks... after the initial criticisms.  Of course, now they'll be
*forced* to put those in... poor little fellas</sarcams>

Bye, J

      Jürgen A. Erhard  (juergen.erhard@gmx.net, jae@users.sf.net)
     MARS: http://members.tripod.com/Juergen_Erhard/mars_index.html
  "With Microsoft products, failure is not an option - it's a standard
                      component." -- Derek Glidden

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