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Re: network

On Monday 01 October 2001 05:48 pm, Rory O'Connor wrote:
> I haven't got answers...only more questions.  I am trying to do the same,
> but am not able to ping my win98 pc.  I have internal IPs assigned and my
> PCs can ping each other...but there's some hangup with the linux box.
> There are 2 in it, one external (works fine) and an internal (not able to
> ping or be pinged).  By all appearances, it should be working. any ideas on
> what else to check?  here's my 'ifconfig':

I like to check /var/log/dmesg and syslog.  The card that cannot ping or be 
pinged may actually be experiencing a hardware issue.  I had a card once that 
I was able to assign an IP to, but it failed to function.  It turns out it 
was an IRQ conflict.  Moving the card to another PCI slot resolved the issue.

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