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Re: postgresql/horde/imp problem on woody (was Re: testing)

also sprach Oliver Elphick (on Sat, 15 Sep 2001 08:53:42PM +0100):
>   >  /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/do.maintenance: /etc/postgresql/postgresql.env:
>   >  +No such file or directory
>   >
>   >from cron.
>   >
>   >postgresql is installed, standard woody package. absolutely no
>   >databases are defined yet, i just ran initdb.
> That should have been done by the postinst script; why did you find it
> necessary?

well, because there were no databases installed by the time i had it
on potato with version 6 of postgres, and then the postinst failed
horribly for some reason or another. i don't remember exactly, but i
know that i was weirded out by errors to a point where i just said -
let's delete all databases and start again...

> I consider the package in testing to be very buggy; unfortunately
> I can't get 7.1.3-4 into testing (I think because of an RC bug
> on libssl-dev).  The bug you have is fixed in the unstable version,
> which you should install in preference to 7.1release-4.

okay, i'll look into that...


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