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Re: Eicon Diva pro (pcmcia) 4 linux

"Mayer, Christian (Dregis)" <Christian.Mayer@Dregis.com> writes:
I'm sorry for my bad englisch, but isn't my native language.

> Hi everyone,
> does anybody have a eicon diva pro pccard working in his laptop? I don't
> think so but if i'm werong please give me some infos how you made it work
> Thanx and greetings
> Christian
wrong card :(
I have from Eicon ~7-8 Months old beta driver for suse 7.0 and kernel
2.4.0-4GB ( SuSE only ). With this distri and kernel works the driver
fine, but only binary and only SuSE ...
For today exist no Rel. driver for this card and official no plant :(

Robert Rakowicz
Robert Rakowicz
E-Mail:	Robert.Rakowicz@rjap.de
URL:	www.rjap.de

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