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problems with XFree86 on Thinkpad

I have an IBM THinkpad 365XD with TFT display Model # 2625-1e9.  I've seen a
number of references on the net that this card/display was not supported
under 3.3.6.  However, recently I found a page that says they got the exact
same model working under 4.02.

That was here:

So I went through the trouble to upgrade my laptop to woody in order to get
the later version Xfree86.  I tried letting apt configuration set up the
config file.  That didn't work - I got a bunch of white vertical lines on
black page.  I tried using the config file from the thinkpad web page above.
That didn't work either.  So I emailed Forrest - the owner of that page.  He
says that he installed the xfree86 binaries by hand.  And he's running 4.02
instead of 4.1.  Forrest also runs Debian.

Is it possible that the Debian maintainer for xfree86 somehow screwed
something up?  Or is it more likely that the difference is in the 4.02 to
4.1 versions?

Does anyone have any ideas?  This is really starting to wear me down.  I'd
love to get this laptop working.


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