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Re: Sendmail not sending queue's out.

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Mike Dresser wrote:

> Every couple days, i have to sendmail -q, beacuse /var/spool/mqueue has
> sometimes dozens of outbound unsent messages.  Once i do that, most of
> them get sent, leaving the ones that are unreachable/etc left to be sent.

what does mailq say about those messages (why are they queued)?
> My question is, why do I have to do this?  Shouldn't there be something to
> sendmail -q already?

There is, if sendmail is infact still running... AND is running in
queue delivery mode/

> I could just setup a cron job, but I'm wondering what's up with it.

Not enough information to know whats up, sorry...

> I'm running sendmail(8.9.3) out of potato.

Things will be much nicer when you go to woody... 8.12.0 (and 8.12.1,
due RSN) don't fork nearly as much, and have very nice queue management

Rick Nelson
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