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Re: Non-ascii chars in GTK+ programs

 Subject: Re: Non-ascii chars in GTK+ programs
 On Saturday Sep 29 12:45 Jesper Holmberg wrote:
 > ** Hi all,
 > ** 
 > ** I don't know if this is a new problem on my machine, or if it's just
 > ** that I recently found it, but all my GTK+ programs (gimp, abiword,
 > ** gcorr101, etc) have problems with file names including non-ascii
 > ** characters. They show up in listings with very strange characters
 > ** substituted for the offending characters.
 > ** 
 > ** I have looked around for some kind of global conf-file for gtk+, but
 > ** with no luck. How could I change this?
 This was discussed more times in the last Days. Look in the archives
 serch engine for "GTK fonts".
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