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Re: kernel 2.4.10 and linus vs ac VM?

On 30-Sep 07:44, Randolph S. Kahle wrote:
> I am confused about the state of the 2.4.10 kernel.
> It seems that there are two VMs that are going to "fight it out" moving
> forward: the original one (in the ac line of code) and a new one (in the
> main line of code).
> Before this became clear, I was planning to move up to 2.4.10 from 2.4.4
> as it seemed that things were converging to a stable core.

Things are getting much more stable. Drivers especially. Linus seems to be
willing to work on core stuff still...

> Can someone help me understand if I should move to the new VM or just
> wait for this to all get sorted out? What is being done for the next
> release of Debian? (I'm running 2.2r3 with Adrian Bunk's 2.4 packages).

I would say move the either of the two VM's in 2.4.10[-acX]. There are some
real problems with the VM in 2.4.X (X<9) and interactions with other
subsystems. Things should really settle down once 2.5 starts. If you follow
lkml, there seems to be a fare amount of stuff that wants in NOW, and
conservatives think that makes the "stable" kernel more "unstable". Given
that some kernels haven't build w/o patch in a quick pre patch, I think the
conservatives are gloating. :)

PS: I have no idea where debian is going...I just follow it around.

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