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DNS/DHCP servers (possibly?)

Hi there,

I've currently got my debian box plugged into the wall, which serves as
the router for an apple airport wireless hub through NAT.  the airport
then goes to connect through my laptop.  right now, the airport acts as
a tranparent bridge (i.e. performs NO NAT), and also acts as a DHCP
server for the laptop(s) connected to it.

What I would like to do is set up a DNS server that would allow me to
give hostnames to the IP addresses the airport hands out.  I don't care
if these are accessible from the outside world (it would be nice if this
is do-able, but if not, that's ok too), but I would like to be able to
connect to the laptop without having to use the IP (which , of course,
does change from time to time due to the DHCP server and which laptops
are connected to the airport at a given time).

Is there any way to set up a DNS server to assign a hostname to the IP's
that the airport gives out (i'd like to match names to wireless card
hardware addresses, or some other identifying feature of the other
computers that is not the IP).  Or would I have to set up both a DNS and
DHCP server on my debian box?  if so, what is the easiest/best way to go
about this?

Again: desired goal is simply this (well, maybe implementation details
won't be so simple =D):  my laptops connected to the airport are
automatically assigned IP's and hostnames.  the hostname for each laptop
should remain the same, regardless of any change in IP, etc.


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