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Re: Email all users

* Aaron Hall (ahall@vitaphone.net) [010929 17:43]:
> On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Mike Egglestone wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anyone know of such a way to email all the users
> > a quick message without having to send the email seperately
> > to each user?
> There might be more than one way. If everyone checks their mail via POP,
> your pop server might have a bulletin feature (qpopper does, I know, not
> sure about others). If so, you can write a message, stick it in a
> particular directory, and it'll be added to the mail of anyone who pops
> their mail. That's my favorite way.
> Otherwise, it may depend on your MTA. A sure way is probably to create an
> alias in your aliases database (e.g. /etc/mail/aliases). In sendmail (and
> likely other MTAs), you can have a line like this:
> all:           	:include:/var/local/allusers
> ...where /var/local/allusers (for example) contains a list of all your
> users, one on each line. Then send mail to all@yourdomain.com and it gets
> distributed to everyone.

careful with this approach; the last thing you want is someone replying
to all users, or worse, spamming all@.... You should include some sort
of access control for an alias like this.

Personally, what I've found to work well to reach all shell users is
/etc/motd. Of course, that only reaches anyone who logs in to a shell,
not your mail-only users.

good times,

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