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Re: Major stuffup

on Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 01:46:43AM +1200, Alistair Faulknor (alifaulknor@xtra.co.nz) wrote:
> Hi people, I loaded Debian 2.2 Potato on my HP 6615 and It wont work!! It
> fails to open Xfree86 and won't open LILO. I think it's because it can't
> find the graphics card. Any help would be appreacited.

You're apparently having problems with a program or system configuration
issue, but you've provided far from enough information to be able to
adequately address or resolve the issue.

I'd very strongly recommend you read the following excellent essay by
Simon Tatham, "How to Report Bugs Effectively"


Please note that you are the person in the best position to know what
you're trying to do, what you've done, how the system's responded, and
generally how it's configured.  It's very helpful if you can post:

  - *Exact* commands or steps tried.
  - *Exact* error output or log messages.

Often, entering the error messages into a good search engine such as
Google (http://www.google.com/) will help set you on the road to
resolving your problems.

While others can offer suggestions, guidance, and experience, we cannot
see into either your mind or your machine's state.  This is very much a
case of "you have to help us help you".

Good luck.

Thank you.

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