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Re: Mail Server

hi ya wyatt ???

what do you mean  too by "good package"....
	- 1 minute of wrk to get it to do soemthing...
	- a couple days to test/configure/"understand"  it??

in psuedo code... run it from cron... however often you want
to check

ping mail.your_domain.com
if ( $error ) mail -s "mail died" you < /dev/null

with expect or perl ???

telnet mail.your_domain.com 25
if ( $error ) mail -s "mail died" you < /dev/null

if you are pokng around at user mail....geez... i wouldnt wanna 
be working there... though as a boss ... i'd like to know if
people are working or surfing/searching the web....

c ya
	- for the "big" list of monitoring apps

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Greg Wiley wrote:

> On  Tuesday, September 25, 2001 5:33 AM, Wyatt Rowe - O.S.N. wrote:
> > [...] please advise on a good package / solution to monitor
> > and track a Mail / Internet server that runs on Debian 2.1.
> What do you mean by "monitor and track?"  Do you want
> an application or system monitor to assist with technical
> operations?  Do you want to read users' mail or apply
> some heuristic to messages?  Something else?  Please
> clarify.
> Best,
>   -=greg
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