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Re: update-alternatives --config x-window-manager

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, D. Hoyem wrote:

> Hi all
>   I'm running a PII 350 with Woody and use Window
> Maker. After the Woody install it had a different
> window manager installed i.e.Blackbox.  I did a
> update-alternatives --config x-window-manager and
> chose Window Maker.  Now what will happen, when I have
> to shutdown and reboot, Window Maker will come up but
> then a another window manger will take over, I have to
> close all the stuff that it opens and then select
> Window Maker again.  I did a update-alternatives
> --config x-window-manage again and I noticed that
> there was a star, smaller than normal, by BlackBox and
> the normal Star by window Maker. I have looked for
> this file but was unable to locate it. 
>   Anyone have this happen and how do I fix it.  
> Appreciate the help.
> Don
> __________________________________________________
are you running gnome or simply a window manager by itself?

I have noticed that gnome can not override x-window-manager.
In my case it points to blackbox but gnome thinks it is running


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