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[OT] Re: rm & download

Quoth Hereward Cooper, 
> The protocal is the problem, the http server is not the same as the
> realserver (neither is ftp, ssh, telnet, etc...), and so can't be got
> in the same way. If the file is avaliable through http, then it can be
> downloaded so, but the realserver protocal require a supported reader
> (ie http -> browser, rtsp -> realplayer).

I'm actually behind a completely fascist BOFH firewall all of the time,
and can only access the outside world using a squid http proxy.

Realplayer (at least current version), will let you view most realplayer
streams through a http proxy. So it shouldn't be impossible to put a
sniffer on the wire and look at what it does to use http. Whatever it
does can probably be simulated and spooled directly to the disk.

Of course, I can't try this myself, as the fascist firewall is now twice
as bad, requiring authentication. Realplayer doesn't support
authentication over http proxies, unfortunately.



Damon Muller :: Department of Criminology :: University of Melbourne

Murder most foul, as in the best it is;
But this most foul, strange and unnatural.
  -- Hamlet

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