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Re: CPU Overclocking & Kernel compile

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:

> Hi Listers,
> What are the issues involved in compiling a kernel on a machine with CPU
> overclocked ?
> Yesterday I tried to compile 2.4.9 kernel on a celerone machine 466MHZ
> which was overclocked to 550MHZ. The motherboard is ASUS P3C2000.
> During kernel compilation the machine is either rebooting in between or it
> is giving segmentation fault. 
> Has anybody compiled the kernel on overclocked CPU ? We also could not find
> a way to turn the clock speed to it's original speed. Has anybody done the
> above stuff in the above make of ASUS motherboard.

You have to raise the CPU voltage to avoid data corruption, but more
voltage means more heat so you may need extra cooling.


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