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Re: Problem with resolv.conf and search list

Philippe Troin writes:
-> The parser for resolv.conf is very stupid.
-> Try:
->    search lifl.fr univ-lille1.fr
->    search iut-info.univ-lille1.fr
->    nameserver
->    nameserver
->    nameserver

It does not work either because with this configuration only the last domain
is searched for (aka iut-info.univ-lille1.fr) and am unable to find host in
domain univ-lille1.fr.

The man page of resolv.conf says there may be only on search line containing
only 6 domains and which must not be longer than 256 characters. 

My configuration respect exactly that, but it does not work.

I would like to have a look at the code just in order to understand how is the
job done ? Did someone know in where the code of the resolver is situated :
glibc (maybe get_host_by_name) ?

-- Bruno

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