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Re: Getting xfree86 4.02 onto an isolated laptop

On Wednesday Sep 12 16:44 David A. Rogers wrote:

> ** I have received a hand-me-down laptop - a Thinkpad 365XD with TFT display.
> ** I've got potato on it, but 3.3.6 doesn't work for my display (unless you
> ** count VGA16 yuck!).  However, I just found a web site that says that 4.02
> ** works well on the exact model I have.
> ** 
> ** Here's my problem.  I've only ever used the debian CDs and stable before.
> ** I've read how to get unstable stuff, but that only works well if you have a
> ** reasonable pipe to the net.  This thing has a slow modem 28.8 and I don't
> ** have it working under Linux yet anyway.
> ** 
> ** What's going to be the easiest way to get xfree 4.02 onto this laptop?  Be
> ** as explicit as you are able, please.  I'm still learning.

Much Linux magazines includes a CD-Rom. You could look by some newsdealers
if there is a magazine with a CD that includes the newest .deb files of
XFree86. Sorry! But i can't give you a suggestion which magazine at this
time has a CD with XFree86 for Debian.


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