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Re: OT: modem suggestions

> > I'm looking for a cheap, internal, ISA  or PCI  *all*
> > harware modem. Any recommendations --
> > brand/model names appreciated.
> Well, ultimatly you'll have the most success using an
> external modem. In the past I've always had good
> results with the 3Com/USRobotics Sportster.

Being a careful and intelligent shopper can find you an
*internal* modem that works just fine. I would stick to
USR/3Com myself too. I've got one myself, internal, that works
just fine.

> Most new modems for sale now at minimum will support v.90...
> As far as I know the enhancments to v.92 are not exactly
> available for linux (correct me if im wrong).

I no longer stay up on analog modem 'terms', but I believe one
feature of v.92 is 'up to 56k' in both directions. With v.90,
it's was 'up to 56k' on downloads only and limited to 33.6k in
the upload direction. I *think* they've gotten around that 53k
FCC limit also (you'd always see it in fine print regarding
the 'true' speed).


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