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Re: Eth0 still doesn't work under 2.4.9

Hi Sunny

> > potato#ifconfig eth0
> > SIOCSIFADDR:no such device
> > eth0:unknown interface:no such device
> well ... kernel support for the card (the module) has to be loaded before you> can use apps to configure it

So, you mean that I have to put a line modprobe eepro100 in /initrd/module?

> >
> > If I issue 'modprobe eepro100' 'ifconfig' works properly but 'ifup
> > eth0' goes on failing saying:
> well what output does ifconfig give you??

#ifup eth0
ifup: interface eth0 already configured
> by any chance do you have a dell laptop?  from the looks of the above ... it 
> would seem very much like a dell ... heh

No, it's a Compaq Armada E500.


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