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Re: Voodoo3 on potato with X 3.3.6

>Hi all,
>I've searched the archives, and elsewhere, but all the useful info seems

>to be about installing with X 4 (which isn't in potato(?)), or on
>redhat, or occasionally on Debian by using redhat packages.
>Is there no way to get 3d from this card using standard debian packages

>on a stable installation?
>Any help appreciated,

This is a long shot.
If 3D is what is used to render/show for instance the 3D pipes, "flowers",
etc. in screensavers, then you can get support for that by installing the
mesag3 package that comes with Potato.

I don't game or use graphics, but my Voodoo3 under XFree86 3.6.6 will let
me use the 3D screensavers when mesag3 is installed.

Hope this helps.

Best regards
Johnny :o)

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