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Re: exim

On Tuesday Sep 11 16:11 Marc Becher wrote:

> ** Excuse me for being so stupid.
> ** You mean an exim option to deliver a local written mail to exim?
> **                                                         ^^
> ** Sorry, that seems a little hard to understand.

Hmmmm...  Don't know how i could write this esyer.

Bevore exim is able to send any mail, there must be a mail in exims
queue list...  in exim...  into the exim system...  how you like.

And to put a mail into exims queue list, you can use an exim option.
An option that deliver this mail to exim. To exims queue list.

Or do you think exim produces my mails by himself?

It's great to have a working -q option to send the mails waiting in
queue list. But what do you will do with exim -q, if there is no
option to put a mail into this list? There is no reason to use
option -q if no mail is waiting in exim. So i have to deliver a
mail to exim bevore i can call exim to send this mail out.

Do you understand me now?


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