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Re: Partition Help

on Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 08:38:19AM -0500, Information (info@webpresencegroup.net) wrote:
> Hello,
> I cross posted this, not sure who may have the answer.

In general, don't cross-post.

> We had an ISP install Debian Potato on an HP box, the HD is a 20 gig.
> We installed most 3rd party apps such as mySQL, Postgres, php, apache and
> python from source with no problems.
> We noticed the other day that we only had about 200 meg of space left
> left on the drive. We did a df and found we only had 950 meg of space
> on the / partition. We have an extended that that is the rest of the
> drive with a regular Linux partition and the swap at the end. Our
> problem is the box does not see this. We need to have this space and
> are not sure how to proceed.
> Can we:
> A. remove the extended and swap partition and put new ones in with the
> needed space applied to /usr -- /var -- and /home and add /swap and not
> loose the clients we have?
> B. If so can we do this from the command line or from Webmin?
> C. Will we have to do this from a console into the machine?
> We have active clients on this box at the moment for an ISP that is
> having issues with their Debian box. Sorry if we sound a little green.
> We run Cobalt Raq's and of course the OS holds your hand:) Any tips or
> pointers would be appreciated...

There's a short FAQ on GNU/Linux system partitioning you may find
useful, at:



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