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Re: xserver-S3

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 01:46:41AM +0000, gerard robin wrote:
> hello,
> I have a video-card S3 Trio 3D/2X.
> It is in the card list and the package
> xserver-S3 exist in potato, but when
> I install this package I can set up 
> correctly xwindow except the form of
> the pointer of the mouse.
> In the section Chipset I find s3virge
> but not s3trio 3D/2X.
> Can someone tell me if the package xserver-S3 
> of woody does have a chipset for s3trio 3D/2X.
> Or if I can find it anywhere.

>From the www.xfree.org documentation for version 4.1.0 (which made into
woody with today's update):

          Support (accelerated) for the ViRGE, ViRGE/VX, ViRGE/DX,
          ViRGE/GX, ViRGE/GX2, ViRGE/MX, ViRGE/MX+, Trio3D and Trio3D/2X
          is provided by the "s3virge" driver. Support (accelerated) for
          the Savage3D, Savage3D/MV, Savage4, and Savage2000, is provided
          by the "savage" driver. Support for the other S3 chipsets has
          not yet been ported.

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