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Re: how do i setup a maildir structure with postfix?

also sprach Rino Mardo (on Sat, 08 Sep 2001 11:39:54AM +0800):
> the question is: how do i setup a maildir structure in linux with the above
> configuration in mind.

Maildir uses the directory ~/Maildir/ by default, so add the following
line to your postfix's main.cf:

home_mailbox = Maildir/

from now on, postfix will deliver to Maildir/ in Maildir format
(because of the trailing slash, Maildir's "flag") by default.

however, since you are using procmail, you don't have to make that
site-wide, because you can simply postfix your mailboxes with a slash
to make them Maildirs. for instance, the following procmailrc will
deliver to Maildirs.


* ^Return-Path:.*debian-user.*@lists\.debian\.org

which will write all messages to debian user into the ~/Mail/debian/
Maildir (containing cur, tmp, and new), and everything else into

and yes, Maildir is better by a factor of two thousand and one.

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