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Re: Why doesn't 2.2r3 CD boot on Toshiba 4080 XCDT ...

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 06:50:34PM +0200 or thereabouts, Tony Crawford wrote:
> ... although the 2.2r*0* CD does?
> At first I thought I had a coaster, but it boots fine on other 
> machines. FWIW the Progeny 1.0 CD I got off a magazine cover 
> won't boot on the Toshiba either.
> Very curious (and holding on to those 2.2r0s),
> Tony
curious indeed.  i remember having the same problem with hamm and a toshiba
notebook of the satellite series, but much older than your notebook, and if i
recall correctly there is a special boot diskette image that you have to
download and use to boot instead of from the cd.

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