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Re: exim

* Socket Secured (socket@tampabay.rr.com) [010905 02:06]:
> The contact webpage told me to ask my question here, but this looks
> like a mailing list, so if this goes thru could you e-mail me the
> response back to socket@tampabay.rr.com ?
> I have run eximconfig a million times and can't get SMTP relaying to
> work. I want to use Outlook Express to connect to my Debian Linux box
> and send e-mail to other hosts. It tells me in the config that it's
> relaying for the domain, and it works using say Pine (i thought pine
> had it's own SMTP anyway) but if I connect to the box with Outlook
> Express it says "Relaying has been prohibited by Administrator"
> All my other distributions work fine, why does Debian's mailer come
> configured with relaying off, and how do I re-enable it?

Because that's a more secure standpoint to take by default. Can you
imagine what it would be like if every mailserver was set up to be an
open relay? Many people who install linux systems don't bother (or even
know how) to disable relaying (just as you can't seem to ENable it).
It's much safer to have people in your category (not able to relay
selectively) than people in the other category (running an open relay,
and probably not even knowing it).

To enable relaying for certain hosts in exim, look at the configuration
option host_accept_relay. Mine (the default) looks like this:

# The setting below allows your host to be used as a mail relay only by
# localhost: it locks out the use of your host as a mail relay by any
# other host. See the section of the manual entitled "Control of
# relaying"
# for more info.

host_accept_relay = : ::::1

Huh! look at that ... it even includes a pointer on where to go for more

Sorry, I don't mean to be such a smartass.

You should just be able to add the IP address of the host you want to
accept mail from to that line. Note that you might be able to get a
bette (slightly more secure) setup by looking into SMTP auth
capabilities (the next statement in the exim.conf file). I'm not sure
how well OE supports it, though, and if set up incorrectly, it will
yield a *LESS* secure environment (cleartext passwords being thrown
around are a Bad Thing).

HTH. Feel free to post any followup questions if you're still having

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