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lost gnome gdm question

Hello list,

I think I did something very stupid on a debian potato system with ximian
1.4. I installed all this at home from within my own network on a machine
for my brother. Then I moved it all to his home and installed rp-pppoe and
connected to his cable provider. Sofar so good. Offcourse he is very
impressed with his new box. But here comes the trouble. I changed
/etc/hostname to his own network and set up a caching dns with bind the
connection is okay but gdm won't start anymore in fact the whole keyboard
is dead! He can't even use ctrl alt F1 into a console. When I do apt-get
install xdm all is well he can login and start a Xsession. I checked for
errors in configfiles but didn't find anything. I only have the error
output from gdm:

"No servers were defined in the configuration file and xdmcp was disabled.
This can only be a configuration error. So I have started a single server
for you....you should log in and fix the configuration Note that automatic
and timed logins are disabled now."

maybe one of you know where to search, the problem is that I only can ssh
into his box.
P.S. is it okay to CC to a second list?

Thanx in advance
and please excuse my English

Mark Lamers

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