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Re: How to use KDE with GNOME in woody

Le -09.06.2001 12:50:21-, « Mohan (mohanjava@ofs.edu.sg) »
a écrit quelques phrases célèbres sur « How to use KDE with GNOME in woody »

M> Dear sir, i am using Woody (latest version) woth GNOME.  i am also want
M> to install KDE with GNOME.  can mail me, how can i acheive this, please?

I have BOTH installed and I use GDM as the display manager (I didn't get any succes installing KDM :) My default sessions is GNOME but I can logout my GNOME session and switch to the KDE session with GDM and get a full KDE session..

The nice part is that I can use the KDE programs within GNOME and Vice Versa (with some limitations inherent to missing session for the environnement which is used ontop the other of course ;)

To install KDE (I use SID so I don't know if on Woody it's the same) you can choose the SIMPLE or the COMPLETE solution.

SIMPLE : apt-get install kde-base konqueror (you'll get a working desktop with enough material. Later, you can choose what KDE specific apps you want to install)

COMPLETE : apt-get install kde (this is a meta package which installs lots of KDE related packages) 

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