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Re: Help installing Debian 2.2r3 (formerly 2.2r17 - brain misfire )

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001 10:32:13 -0600 
"LaGuardia, Kristofer S." <KSLaGuardia@isecinc.com> wrote:

> Believe me, I don't want to give up on Debian.  I would really really
> to get it up and running.  My biggest problem is Win2000 is installed
on the
> C drive, or first drive, and Debian is installed on the D drive.  I
> like to stay with LILO if possible.  I'm about to break down and
install it
> onto the same drive as Win2000.  I'll just make another partition on
> have 20 gigs free on it so I don't have a problem with installing
> else on it.  Then some of the tutorials and the installation might
> sense.

If you're that desperate, I suggest just going to the bios and
temporarily tagging drive C as "uninstalled." That way it won't boot
even if you can't get LILO to dual boot. Just install your bootloader on
drive D (hdb), and forget that drive C exists. I once did that in my
dark Window$ days so I can get two different Window$ installations to
live in peace and harmony. Now if you want Bill back, just go to the
bios and do the reverse, tag D as "uninstalled" and C as "installed."

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